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Published on Monday, June 5, 2017

Seven Tips On How to Keep Your Employees Cool During The Hot Summer Months

We all know northern summers can be brutal. Some employees may find it hard to stay cool. Cater to your employees' needs by taking extra steps to provide them with a cool and comfortable work environment.

Here are seven tips for keeping your employees from burning up:
•  Adjusting Uniforms - Adjust your employees' uniforms this summer. If you normally rent uniforms with long sleeves and pants, ask your uniform service if they offer a summer version of the uniform.
•  Fans - Installing fans in your facility will definitely cool employees during the hot summer months.
•  Gloves - Gloves are essential if your employees are constantly working with their hands and tend to sweat. Many businesses, such as industrial facilities, medical centers, and restaurants find wearing gloves during the summer to be advantageous.
•  Air Fresheners - Air fresheners keep your business odor-free for hard-working employees. Our air fresheners come in a variety of scents.
•  Rags - Many employees prefer to use rags to wipe off sweat. These are easily laundered, as well as delivered regularly from a quality linen service.
•  Paper Towels - If you prefer an alternative to shop rags, supplying your business with paper towels works just as well. Your employees can utilize the paper towels to dry their foreheads and hands from excess sweat. A benefit to using paper towels is easy disposal.
•  Hats - Supplying employees with hats is a great way to keep employees feeling cool.

Contact us at Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply, and we will provide you with quality products for your business. Call us at 877-336-7743 for more information.

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