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Published on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Considering a New Career? 5 Reasons to Work for Dempsey

Are you looking to start a career? Or maybe you're looking to change your current career path? The commercial linen and uniform industry is for you!

When you were little, you probably didn't dream about someday working in the commercial linen and uniform industry, but you definitely should have. Check out some of the best benefits that a career in this industry has to offer:

1. Quality Training
Companies like Dempsey believe in the potential of each member of their workforce. That is why everyone gets equal opportunities for training to help them improve and reach their best potential. With the latest cutting-edge technology, highly skilled supervisors, and expert experience in the industry, Dempsey offers some of the best, most comprehensive hands-on training for anyone who wants a lengthy career in the commercial linen industry.

2. Family Environment
Established family businesses, like Dempsey, have a not-so-secret formula to success: they treat everyone like a member of their family. Dempsey provides you with a working environment that values you - your potential, your contribution, your person - as a close family member and a valuable partner for success.

3. Exciting and Fast-Paced Work
A commercial laundry company like Dempsey isn't your neighborhood laundromat. The work is fast-paced and rigorous, the requirements for excellence and customer satisfaction thorough. And if you're lucky, you get to work with some of the most popular and most well-respected brands in the area as your clients. With Dempsey's standards of perfection, you'll never have a dull day at work!

4. Potential for Career Growth
A commercial linen and uniform company as big and as established as Dempsey has a wide array of designations and departments that work seamlessly and efficiently to deliver the best results for their loyal customers. Each member of the team is valued for the overall productivity of the company and gains valuable skills training that will not only help them become experts at their job but provide them room to grow and advance in their careers.

5. Community Involvement
Most commercial linen and uniform companies like Dempsey are family-run and have stayed in the original location where they first opened. Most companies also started as small, neighborhood laundry shops before growing into large-scale facilities - transitions that have been witnessed by the community itself. So, it's not surprising that line and uniform companies like Dempsey are deeply involved in the affairs of their community. Working with one such company will allow you to expand your connection to the community.

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