How to Choose the Right Linens for Your Restaurant

Choosing restaurant linens can be very challenging. Restaurants should consider a lot of key factors, and more importantly, get help from our industry professionals.

Choose the Right Linens for Your RestaurantWhomever said opening a restaurant was easy has probably never opened anything other than a restaurant door. The food business has got to be one of the most difficult, demanding, and critical industries around. There are just so many things to consider…from hiring staff, choosing a location, writing up a menu, hiring an accountant, and don’t forget the linens!

So, newbie restaurant owners and veterans in the restaurant business, here are some tips for choosing the best linens for your restaurant:

  • Material – There are tons of linen materials to choose from. There’s always cotton, polyester, polyspun, and all sorts of other synthetic-cotton blends of different percentages. The important thing to remember as far as linen material is concerned is to get something that suits your needs. Don’t get expensive cotton just because it’s beautiful if it doesn’t go with your venue. Likewise, don’t choose cheaper alternatives like vinyl and hope it won’t make your supposed high-end French bistro look tacky. Know your options!
  • Color – Like uniforms, linens also represent your company. But, while it’s tempting to choose linens in the exact same color as your business’ motif, keep your interior decor in mind. Always consult a professional before making the final pick because even a classy white napkin may not be as classy as you think.
  • Size – When you’re buying the right type of linen in the right color, remember the dimensions of the table it’ll go on! It would be a shame if you invested money into an expensive cotton tablecloth, just to have it fall short on one or more sides. Measure the table(s) and write the dimensions down!

More importantly, remember even the best quality restaurant linens will fall short if not maintained properly. That’s why you have to find the right linen service company for the job – a company like Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply with decades of industry experience. We know how to handle different types of material.

At Dempsey, we offer not only the best quality in maintenance equipment and services but also some of the latest and most efficient options. Our company rents and launders restaurant linens. We are THE linen experts so you can rest assured the linens you receive from us will be of the highest quality and will fit your business perfectly. Interested in learning more? Read some of our customer testimonials.

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