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Green - TRSA CleanGreenTM Certified

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What Does CleanGreenTM
Certified Mean ?

In February 2012, the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) announced that Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply is the first company in the United States to achieve certification in the TRSA CleanGreenTM Certification Program.

The CleanGreenTM Advantage:
CleanGreenTM has become the fastest growing textile services certification by substantiating green initiatives that simply make good business sense for laundry operations. Certified textile services companies meet quality standards for effectiveness in conserving resources, controlling discharges and minimizing environmental impact. Dempsey’s CleanGreenTM certification ensures our customers that items are washed, dried and finished with processes that maximize sustainability and reduce greenhouse emissions.

The CleanGreenTM certification quantifies Dempsey’s commitment to sustainability and demonstrates our:

• Dedication to controlling discharges to the environment
• Use of the most efficient equipment, reflecting proficiency in the latest processing techniques
• Willingness to control utility costs

To obtain certification laundries must comply with water and energy standards in accordance with operating capacity and demonstrate significant commitment to conservation and green operations through best management practices such as:

• Heat recovery and water reuse
• Environmentally friendly detergents
• Wastewater pretreatment
• Solar energy and energy-efficient lighting
• Recycling programs

Five Reasons CleanGreenTM Certification Differentiates Dempsey:

Quantifiable – only certification that requires documentation of achievement of significant water and energy conservation based on decades of industry data compiled through LaundryESP and inspection of proven best management and processing practices.

– only certification using ASTM and Green Restaurant Association recognized standards, management practices and water and energy conservation analytics.

– only certification requiring laundries to maintain and report water and energy conservation standards and best management practices based on best available technologies and practices.

ASTM Guidelines
– A TRSA-initiated ASTM International standard, involving top technical experts, scientists and environmental professionals worldwide who develop and deliver voluntary consensus standards unparalleled in building consumer confidence in product and service quality.

Internationally Recognized
– based on standards established by the International Textiles Services Alliance (ITSA) and the global movement to reduce our impact on the environment by sharing research and best practices.

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