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"Our route representative is awesome and gets everything picked up on time. I can count on him taking care of any problems that come along, if there are any."

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State College, PA

Dempsey Medical Linen Services for STATE COLLEGE, PA

Healthcare Linens Infection Control   Healthcare Apparel Quality Control   Healthcare Linen Savings

I was struggling with
infection control regulations...
Dempsey Delivered with a
Hygienically Clean Certified program.


I was frustrated by stains
and unusable linens...
Dempsey Delivered with
clean, crisp linens every time.


My patient count goes down
but my linen bill doesn't...
Dempsey Delivered savings
by billing me based on usage.

Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply is a top-rated STATE COLLEGE, PA medical linen service and medical uniform rental company. We offer commercial laundry service for healthcare linen, spa linen, medical gowns, towel rentals and scrubs. We specialize in medical linen services for outpatient centers and clinics in STATE COLLEGE, PA.

Not all medical linen companies are created equally. Dempsey's innovative use of technology solves problems that healthcare providers have come to expect from linen suppliers. Hygienically Clean Certification, high-tech laundry formulas and on-line access to linen usage information provide unique systems for high quality medical linens and cost control.

Dempsey's $18M commercial laundry facility has received national recognition for its state-of-the art processing systems. From clean, crisp healthcare linens to stylish medical uniforms, healthcare facilities have never looked so good! And practice managers have never had so much ability to control their linen program ... and its cost.

Innovative Technologies Include:
- VacuTrack™
- ProductPlus™
- Certified Single-Source Supplier™
- SilverSaver™
- PaImPC™
- CyberCenter™

View the video above to learn more about how Dempsey's innovative technologies work for your business.


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