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The Dempsey Difference – Facility Supplies & Services

Keeping your business establishment clean and presentable is crucial for any business. However, when you're constantly running out of cleaning supplies, maintaining your facilities can be a burden.

Dempsey has everything you need to keep your facilities looking their best. Your customers will see your business as meeting a higher standard because of the cleanliness of your establishment and your staff will enjoy working in a clean, comfortable environment. Make sure your business establishment reflects your company well with quality facility supplies and services from Dempsey.

The same Dempsey professionals that service your needs today can provide you with a complete line of facility products and services. They will free you from the hassles of replenishing hand soaps and air fresheners and will make sure you always have hand towels, disposable gloves and trash can liners on hand. There is no up-front cost for the dispensers and your Dempsey representative will make sure they are functioning properly and in good condition.

Our Innovative Technologies Include:

• React™
• AutoFoam™

With Dempsey, you can count on:

Reliable Weekly Service and Delivery — We take responsibility for a hassle-free service. Our products include Air Fresheners, Hand Towels, Tissue Paper and Soap Dispensing Systems, so you'll never have to worry about your restrooms running out of supplies. Plus, we'll replenish your glove and liner inventory.

Better Cleanliness — Promote cleanliness & boost overall customer satisfaction with Dempsey services. Did you know that two of the top three customer complaints are restroom related? 40% of all dispensers are empty at any given time. Individuals use the restroom between 4 - 7 times daily. So, if at one of those times they happen to be in your establishment, ensure that their every need is met with Dempsey supplies.

Low Cost, Reduce Waste — Pricing will be guaranteed. There are no surprise increases or extra charges.

Contact Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply today for more information at 877.336.7743! Our sales representatives would be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have.
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