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Dempsey Provides the Best Quality Services to Hagerstown, MD

Restaurant Linen Services
Restaurant Linen Services Table linens, bed linens, aprons and towels in a wide selection.
Uniform Services
Uniform Services Uniform shirts, pants and jackets make a strong first impression.
Towel Services
Towel Services Gym towels, spa towels and hotel towels with weekly service.

Medical Linen Services
Medical Linen Services Scrubs, lab coats, patient gowns and bed linens for a professional image.
Mat & Mop Services
Mat & Mop Services Entrance mats, custom logo mats and mops stop dirt at the door.
Facility Services

Paper towels, disposable gloves and can liners for a hygienic facility.

Uniforms will wear and tear - that is a given. This is especially expected in the demanding industries of Hagerstown, MD's business sector. What you should be concerned about is how to catch up with the damages - big and small - and not let it take a toll on your employees' appearance and budget. With Washington, DC being in close proximity, and a good combination of industrial and urban businesses meeting together in the crossroads that is Hagerstown, there is a need to look professional without spending unnecessarily to maintain it. You have to get a good grip of how to make sure that your budget is in order, and repairs are regular and on-time, and preferably done where the uniforms are laundered.

In Hagerstown, only one name comes to mind when you talk of uniform services that include on-site repairs and cost-efficiency: Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply.

What Dempsey Does Best
Our uniform services at Dempsey, with our long years in the business, are always one step ahead of your needs. We are prepared with the right technology, the complete facilities, and most importantly the skilled staff who can take on any repair you would need for your uniforms.

We do the repairs on-site, encode the repair job into your account and into your Dempsey handheld computer so you are aware of exactly what the repair was, and then deliver your uniforms on-time. It's that quick, it's that easy, and because repairs are included in your uniform service, it's completely cost-efficient.

This efficiency in services can only be achieved by years of knowing what customers need - and we can proudly say we have mastered how to give it.

The Dempsey Advantage
Dempsey is not only an expert in automated repairs; we have everything that you would need including the following:
• Automated inventory management - you don't have to worry about manually counting your uniforms, our computers and machines can do that for you. And it can all be found in your Dempsey account.
• Cost management - because of our efficient tracking system, we can give you the assurance that you will only have to pay for the linens you actually used - nothing more, nothing less.
• Automatic and prompt billing - you will get a notice of your billing with Dempsey on the same date each month.
• Personal account - Dempsey wants to connect with you easily and quickly, without having you drive to our office or facility just to check up on your uniform design, update your account, or re-schedule pickups. You can now simply log into your online Dempsey account and everything that you need is accessible.

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Dempsey has all you'd ever need and want for uniform services. Leave us a message and your contact info so we can call you back and start our partnership!
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