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Product Line – Medical Linens & Uniforms


•Exam Gowns
•Patient Gowns
•Pediatric Gowns
•Magna Gowns
•3 Arm Wrap Gowns
•Telemetry Gowns
•Mammography Capes
•Isolation Gowns

•Doctor Towels
•Draw Sheets
•Terry Towels
•Bed Linens
•Medi Pads

Professional apparel

•Lab Coats
•Lab Jackets
•Warm-up Jackets

PerforMAX™ Scrubs - PerforMAX™ Brochure (PDF)

Protective Apparel
•Fluid Resistant Gowns
•Enhanced Lab Coats

Ancillary Items

•Fluid Resistant Laundry Bags
•Antimicrobial Wet Mops & Handles
•Microfiber Wet Mops & Handles

            Microfiber Mop Brochure (PDF)

            In-Service Video

            Microfiber Bucket

Awards and Affiliations

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