Organic, Inorganic, Non-GMO… What Does It All Mean?

Organic GMO

The terms organic, grass-fed, and non-GMO are all becoming quite popular in the restaurant industry, with very few explanations. Many individuals see these words associated with menu items and purchase them without a second thought. But what do these terms actually mean?

Here are some definitions:

  • Organic: Grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, or radiation. Poultry, fish, eggs, meat, and dairy do not contain growth hormones or antibiotics.
  • Non-GMO: These food products have not been genetically altered. Genetically modified organisms are used in some products to make them last longer or grow larger.
  • Grass-fed: Animals are given a natural diet with fresh food and the ability to graze.
  • No Artificial Additives or Preservatives: Unnatural chemicals are not added to make foods last longer.

Many restaurants take pride in the fact that their menu items contain organic, non-GMO, or grass-fed foods. Their restaurants may raise their prices a bit higher than others, however, individuals who strictly follow these types of diets will gladly pay extra for the options. Providing more expensive, organic menu choices might be able to increase profits and attract a wider range of customers.

When customers are deciding where to dine, they often pay attention to even the smallest details, including the ambiance of the restaurant, often created with the help of high quality table linens.

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