Eco Air Fresheners

Dempsey Uniform Eco Air freshener

Product Description:

Dimensions: 5.25" x 7.25"

Since the attractive dispenser cannot break or spill, place or hang it anywhere…even in your largest spaces. In addition to complementing virtually any décor, it reliably outperforms gels, wicks and aerosols. If your company is going green, this 100% recyclable, solid air freshener is for you. Refills are replaced by Dempsey’s route service as needed, usually scheduled for every 4 weeks. Pair with Dempsey’s Eco Clip in coordinating scents for seamless restroom odor control.

Product Details:

• Rapid release technology delivers consistent and powerful performance for 30 days
• A passive air freshening system designed with fragrance-loaded, molded material
• An environmentally friendly system without propellants, ozone depleting ingredients, or batteries
• Refills contain dual odor-counteractant system that eliminates odors instead of masking them
• REFILL: Cotton Blossom Eco Air Refill (less intense fragrance)
• REFILL: Spiced Apple Eco Air Refill (medium intensity fragrance)
• REFILL: Mango Eco Air Refill (more intense fragrance)

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