Manual Soap Dispenser & Refills

Dempsey Uniform manual soap dispenser

Product Description:

Dimensions: 3.62" x 10.5" x 3.87"

Many business owners find that simplicity makes this manual soap dispenser a refreshing choice. Practically maintenance-free, it requires no power of any kind, is incredibly cost-effective, and functions beautifully just about anywhere. The pump mixes precise amounts of concentrated soap and air to create a luxurious foam, perfect for working up a cleansing lather.

Product Details:

• Manual “push” dispenser provides one hand delivery of soap
• A new pump on each refill increases sanitation and stops wasteful, messy drips
• Concentrated, foam soap formula provides long lasting refills
• REFILL: FoamFreshTM Antimicrobial Hand Soap (luxury foam soap formulated with collagen to moisturize skin, effective bacteria reduction with active ingredient: 0.25% PCMX, made in USA)

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