Safety Message Mats

Close-up view of a Dempsey Uniform safety message mat

Product Description:

Size: 3'x5'

Investing in your team members’ safety is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the continued success of your business. Featuring bright colors and strong graphics, Dempsey’s Safety Message Mats will help your employees keep safety guidelines, alerts, and warnings top of mind, every single day. A beautiful blend of form and function, these mats also help entryways, walkways, and platforms stay clean and dry. Dempsey’s mat rental service includes the regular exchange of soiled mats for freshly laundered ones.

Product Details:

• Twisted, heat-set nylon pile on nitrile rubber backing
• Communicate an important message while controlling dirt and moisture
• Variety of designs keep the message fresh with weekly change
• Fresh, clean mats are delivered on a regular schedule
• Professionally cleaned so each mat works like a new one

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