High Visibility Safety Vests

Dempsey Uniform high-visibility safety vest

Product Description:

Available in a variety of colors and sizes

These Vests are intended for use in activities where greater visibility is necessary during inclement weather conditions, or in work environments with risks that exceed those for Class 1. They are an excellent choice for protecting workers who perform tasks that divert their attention from approaching traffic, or that put them in close proximity to passing vehicles traveling at 25 mph or higher.

Product Details:

• 3.6 oz. High visibility twill, 100% polyester
• LiteFX brand
• 360° Visibility with 2″ silver reflective striping around body above waist and over shoulder
• ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 type R class 2 compliant – Intended for use by personnel exposed to vehicular traffic from public access rights of way or roadway temporary traffic control zones. Class 2 garments require the use of greater amounts of high-visibility materials that help distinguish between a human and an inanimate object.
• Hook and loop front closure
• Adjustable sides
• Direct sale

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