Protect staff and guests while complying with new safety protocols.

Certified as a Hygienically Clean Laundry, Dempsey can help your restaurant reopen safely.

Trying to comply with new COVID-19 guidelines? Let Dempsey lighten your load. Our convenient, cost-effective restaurant uniform rental service and towel service can help keep your facilities clean and your employees presentable in freshly pressed, hygienically clean uniforms, aprons, chef coats, cook shirts, and other garments.

To ensure Dempsey customers are properly equipped for reopening, we’ve sourced a deep supply of quality sanitizer, EPA-listed disinfectant cleaners, and additional janitorial supplies that can be added to any delivery.

Follow TRSA guidance and instill confidence in patrons.

  • Ensure each guest receives clean utensils: completely wrap each set in a quality, cloth napkin.
  • Use hygienically clean tablecloths for a surface 5x cleaner than a bare table, minimizing bacteria that places patrons at risk.
  • Provide takeout, delivery, kitchen, and wait staff with a hygienically clean uniform at the start of each shift, replacing clothes worn from home. As at-home laundering cannot ensure proper disinfection, keep uniforms at the restaurant for pickup and commercial laundering.
  • Supply all team members with comfortable, reuseable, washable face masks.
  • Outfit staff with disposable gloves that should be changed frequently during shifts.
  • Help reduce disease transmission by installing ADA-compliant, touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers in key locations.
  • Throughout the day, repeatedly clean hard surfaces with an EPA-approved commercial cleaning solution.

Learn about the many ways Dempsey can help. Call 1-800-378-8060 for a free, confidential consultation or request a quote.

How a Restaurant Linen Rental Service Works

Hygienically Clean Linen Helps You Reopen

We support restaurants with the highest laundry certification and seamless service.

Although proper hygiene and sanitation have always been important to restaurants, they’re now critical to protecting the health and safety of your guests, your staff, and the longevity of your business.

By earning TRSA™ Hygienically Clean Food Service Certification, Dempsey has demonstrated a commitment to third-party, quantified, bacteriological testing that validates our cleanliness pledge. Additional, quarterly testing of Dempsey products and processes is proof positive of continued certification.

Dempsey’s Uniform Rental System and Restaurant Linen Service deliver seamless service, every day. If you need a reliable, high quality linen supplier to help your restaurant succeed in the post-COVID world, choose well. Choose Dempsey.

Restaurant Reopening Guidelines

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