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Rental Services for Spas and Fitness Centers

A full-service supplier, Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply provides towel rental service, towel cleaning service, floor mat rentals and restroom supplies to gyms, country clubs, rehabilitation facilities, spas, salons and more.

Let Dempsey make your life a little easier. We’ll purchase the towels, launder them, and deliver exactly what you need, when you need it each week. There are many benefits to how a Towel Rental Service works.

Dempsey has been Certified as a Hygienically Clean Healthcare Laundry by TRSA, the Textile Rental Services Association. This certification recognizes our commitment to cleanliness through third-party, quantified biological testing and inspection. Download our Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certificate below.

Maintaining cleanliness throughout your organization is very important. Microfiber towels are especially effective at cleaning fitness center equipment and spa treatment room surfaces. Installing touch-free paper towel dispensers in highly visible areas reminds both employees and guests to use them with a sanitizing spray and wipe down exercise equipment. Create a clean, safe environment for clients and employees with floor mats and restroom services.

Our towel rental services will help make a great first impression on your clients. Project a professional image with soft, freshly laundered towels and crisp, pressed sheets. Plus, a custom-designed logo mat can enhance your image at the front door.

  • Touch-free sanitizer stations improve hygiene and instill client confidence.
  • Use hampers to store soiled linens and towels until they can be picked up by your Dempsey route professional.
  • Facility supplies can help improve restroom hygiene.

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