Why You Need a Technologically Advanced Uniform Supplier

Hire a Technologically Advanced Uniform CompanyToday, things operate at a rapid pace. Businesses have to be fast to stay one step ahead of the competition.

In this day and age of rapid technology growth, everything has to be quick, easy and high tech, or you’ll be left behind. When it comes to the most high-tech uniform and linen services, Dempsey Uniform is one of the frontrunners.

We are one of the largest family-owned uniform and linen companies in Pennsylvania and have been in the linen and uniform business since 1959. Generations later, we are one of Pennsylvania’s most recognized names in the business and have been named one of the Top 40 Fastest Growing Businesses in the area. Today, our company runs a massive facility in Jessup, PA, and offers a variety of high-tech linen services: RFID tracking and automated linen inventory tracking, as well as customized products and services. We also provide the highest level of quality in our laundering processes and materials.

Apart from offering a wide range of uniform services, we also provide a complete array of additional services including medical linen services and restaurant linen services, as well as towel, mat, mop, and facility services. We also provide uniform services for various industries including automotive, manufacturing, financial, hospitality, and more. Because of all the technology we have readily available, we can offer all of these services while being able to maintain and promote environmental sustainability through adherence to green practices.

We understand that business owners are concerned about quality, pricing, and delivery and offer the best technological solutions to meet those needs. Our customers can access their online accounts where they can easily log in and check the status of their orders and special requests.

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