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A study conducted by J.D Powers & Associates found that consumers have more confidence and trust in employees wearing uniforms. Whether its counter coats for your checkers or aprons for your stock, deli or bakery personnel you'll make a great impression on your customers. Plus, vivid message mats serve as point-of-purchase advertising that also keeps your floor clean.

Whether your goal is to protect your people from your product or your product from your people, Dempsey has the proper aprons and meat frocks and the laundry services to keep them clean. Sturdy floor mats also prevent costly slips and falls in produce areas. Keep those grapes off your tile floors!

Safety & Cleanliness
Create a clean, safe environment for customers and employees with floor mats, dust mops, and restroom services.

Here are some unique applications of Dempsey products and services to your industry:

• Chef Coat and Check Pants on staff in the prepared foods area creates a café atmosphere.
• Lottery-Message floor mats promote lottery sales and guide customers to the ticket line.
• Colored Aprons make it easy to identify staff in different departments.
• Table Linens in a variety of colors create seasonal point of purchase displays in your bakery and prepared foods centers.


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